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Bike lanes improve quality of life for everyone

This letter also appeared in the print copy of the  Guelph Mercury Tribune in praise of bicycle infrastructure. However, it was not posted online, so here it is!

In response to Lane Sutherland’s letter to the editor entitled “Why all the disruption for the minority” (Guelph Tribune – August 18) I say, Mr. Sutherland, why all the disruption for anything? To improve the quality of life in our community for everyone, that’s why. The city does not exist to provide free parking spaces for privately owned homes. A bike lane on the other hand, provides a safe route for anyone who wishes to use a bicycle (which we are all entitled to), where previously there may not have been one. The benefits of cycling are numerous, including improved mental and physical health, greater affordability, and less environmental damage. You seem to imply that parking spaces for your personal visitors is more important. I politely but firmly disagree.

Cities around North America are quickly adapting their transportation policies to allow for increased access to non-motorized transportation options. Road diets in particular have been proven to improve safety and reduce delay for all road-users while yielding more space for active transportation options.

Mr. Sutherland, in your letter you said of Guelph’s councillors, “they seem to be in a world of their own.” I applaud Guelph’s councillors and staff for moving Guelph forward and making it a better, more equitable place to live. I hope one day you’ll do the same.

 Jordan Richard


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