GCAT - Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation

Meet the Board

Introducing the driving force behind GCAT! (A friendly bunch 🙂 )

Yvette Tendick – President of GCAT 

Yvette Tendick is president and co-founder of Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation. She has a degree in Environmental Studies from University of Waterloo, as well as a Bachelor of Education.  She is a school teacher and advocate for healthy mobility for people of all ages and abilities.

Mike Darmon, Vice President

All season Active Transportation activist
Renewable energy and Efficiency nerd
Water conservation and source protection activist.

Jordan Richard – Treasurer of GCAT 

He was born in Prince Edward Island and has also spent time living in New Brunswick and British Columbia. He’s been calling Guelph home since 2013 and has lived car-free since 2015.    The bicycle became Jordan’s preferred mode of transportation when he lived in Victoria and Vancouver B.C. At the time, he had never heard about the cycling advocacy movement or read any of the studies that describe the myriad of benefits of active transportation… to him it just made sense and it was fun! It took him wherever he needed to go, made him feel good and saved him money.

Jordan Richard wants to help advocate for change so that people of all ages and abilities feel empowered to get out and experience the same feelings and benefits that he has. He is passionate about building a robust cycling culture and pushing for change in how we design our streets and trails so that they work better for everyone.

Jordan is an Actuarial Consultant whose day job involves pricing insurance business. He plays ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and rides his bike recreationally.

You’re welcome to contact Jordan at jbrchrd@gmail.com. He wants to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Laura Brown-GCAT secretary

I’m a physical geographer whose focus of research the past decade or so has been on climate change and its impact on maple syrup production or extreme weather events in Ontario. So, you might think that’s why I choose to ride my bike instead of driving a car. But long before I was aware of the impacts burning fossil fuels had on her planet I used my bike as my primary form of transport because it was fun and cheaper than driving, parking passes or having a transit pass.  To improve my riding skills and be a safer cyclist I’ve taken a CAN-bike course. I have joined the GCAT board because when I’m not riding I prefer to walk and would like to contribute to making Guelph a better city for Active Transport.

Alex Ball – member at large

I’ve lived in large cities and small towns before finding the ‘just right’ city and settling in Guelph in 2016. I knew Guelph and I were entering into a long-term relationship when I bought plants for the first time in my life. 
Biking all season in Guelph has deepened my relationship with the community of people and nature around us. I believe that active transportation is a medium that supports healthier and connected communities, and a sustainable relationship with our natural world. I passionately want to help others experience the power and fun of active transportation!
I’m grateful for all that Guelph has to offer, and find meaning contributing to building a healthier future.

Ted Bangay, member at large

Ted Bangay and his wife moved to the Riverside Park neighbourhood of Guelph in 2017. Having lived previously in a car-centric community, he is enjoying Guelph’s walkability. He’s a three-season cyclist and four-season walker, and enjoys his trips to downtown Guelph along the Trans Canada Trail beside the Speed River. Through his involvement with GCAT, Ted wants to advocate for walking and cycling as climate action that ordinary citizens can take simply by leaving their cars at home for their short trips whenever possible.

Marcia Santen, member at large

Advocate for safe, speedy cycling infrastructure, environmentalist, teacher and linguist.

Claims to fame: rode from Guelph to Toronto, commute 100 kms a week, have cycled in Eugene (OR), Buffalo and New York (NY), Montreal, Quebec and Jonquiere (PQ), Vancouver and Courtenay (BC), The Netherlands, Denmark and Guelph; have ridden through every stage in life and in every condition (toddler-adult, pregnant, with baby, kids (up to 3 at a time) and teens, trailer, front and back seats, luggage and groceries, in sun, snow, wind, rain, hail and ice); can fix a flat without taking off the wheel.

Adam Bonnycastle, member at large

I first came to Guelph in 1996 as a student and have lived here (almost) ever since! I currently work at the University of Guelph as a spatial analyst. I enjoy riding my bike(s) for pleasure – fitness, sport, touring – and as transportation to get around our city. I also walk a lot and run our sidewalks and trails.

I became interested in advocating for active transportation for several reasons. There’s the obvious – less costly than driving, the health benefits, better for the environment, and many others. Those are all reasons why I like to get around Guelph under my own power. But truth be told, I am a driver also. I navigate this city equally by bike, foot, and in my own car. It is clear to me that as the population of Guelph increases, active transportation must play an important role in helping mitigate current and future traffic congestion. Good active transportation infrastructure and programs are win-wins for everyone and for improving the overall livability of our community.

Nick James, member at large

I moved to Guelph nearly 2 years ago and have come to love the city and its potential. I’m currently looking after my daughter full time, but in the past have been a teacher, a librarian, and a civil servant in the Department for Education in the UK. I’m originally from the UK, but I have lived in Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada, and Brunei.

I work with GCAT not only because I use active transportation daily for getting around the city with my daughter, but because as our city grows I believe we need to plan for more people to do the same. I am interested in the safety and accessibility of our infrastructure to people of all ability and commitment levels.

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