GCAT - Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation


Why should you support Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation?

As an organization, GCAT will benefit those using active transportation by providing: A Collective Voice to ensure that members know their voice is going to be heard

Information Sharing to raise awareness about active transportation issues and events in Guelph

Focused Campaigns to improve infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians

Community Building. Our Coalition connects with other like minded organizations, community groups and citizens.

Community Rides: GCAT offers a variety of bike rides throughout the year so that we can enjoy the social aspect of active transportation, and develop a culture of cycling!

Membership Benefits

Please note that you may be required to show your GCAT membership card to receive membership benefits.

  • Speed River Bicycle is offering a 10% discount on parts, accessories and clothing! In store orders only.
  • Paramount Sports is offering a 10% discount on bicycle parts and bicycle accessories!  ***In store only purchases
  • Backpeddling is offering GCAT members a 10% discount on bicycle accessories.
  • Unfortunately we have run out of Project 529 stickers and have yet to confirm that a new batch is coming.

Join GCAT for one year!

This year, while personal memberships continue to be offered at $10,  we’ve added a $25 sustaining membership for those interested. This membership is for those who want to pay a little more in order to help GCAT become an even stronger voice for those who want to cycle and walk safely and comfortably in Guelph.

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