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Bikes for Community Connections

Bikes for Community Connections Pilot Initiative is a project that provides bicycles and mentorship to newcomers to Canada. This project is a collaboration with Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) and community partners. Biking supports independence by facilitating active travel, empowers capacity for exercise and improvements to physical and mental health, supports social inclusion, and is just plain fun! Our goal is to provide mentorship with CANBIKE trained mentors to approximately 10 individuals, to help integrate new members to our community and to show them great, safe locations to bike. Each newcomer in the program will receive a mechanically checked used bicycle. The program has been delayed due to COVID, but expected to commence in the spring of 2021.

Past Projects

Protected Bike Lanes on Wyndham

We can physically separate people on bikes from motorized traffic. These protected bike lanes can be achieved with bollards, planters, bumps, raised curbs, or even motorized cars! Protected bike lanes not only provide more safety to bicycle users, but they also make everyone else on the road safer as well. Protected bike lanes encourage the average citizen to cycle!

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