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Woodlawn MUP to be extended in 2016

Have you been on the Multi-Use path on Woodlawn yet? Pretty cool indeed.  To see the side of Woodlawn Road go from an undignified goat path to a brand new, 10 foot off road “shared roadway” is like a cyclist’s/pedestrian’s/transit user’s dream. The area currently covered is from Nicklin Avenue to Silvercreek Parkway.  The even better news is that is going to be extended.

Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation and other individuals attended budget meeting after budget meeting explaining the importance of providing safer passage for individuals on this road.  With over 100 businesses, workplaces, restaurants, etc. on this busy stretch of road, it was mind boggling to see that the only people given proper access to these places were motorists.  Because of consistent public pressure, council decided to build to first phase in 2015, and actually extend it in 2016.  This year, the path will be built from Silvercreek Parkway to Imperial, crossing the Hanlan.

This stretch will be more complicated.  Storm water drainage, culverts and retaining walls will have to be constructed.  The city is budgeting $1.5 million dollars for this section, which also includes crossing the Hanlan Expressway.  A public open house will be held in the Spring, advising the public of the construction.

This project shows what can be done when individuals stand up and express their views on making Guelph more equitable, sustainable, and offering people transportation choices.  The real work in any city begins when citizens become engaged in making their city a better place to live.

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