GCAT - Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation

Where would you like to see Active Transportation infrastructure in Guelph expanded during/post Covid?

This mapping initiative is called PlanLocal. and is created by Paul Shaker, MCIP, RPP ,  a professional planner at Civicplan.ca

Paul has created  interactive maps to allow residents to pinpoint locations on a crowd map in their city to propose things like more bike lanes, expanded sidewalks, or pedestrian-only zones.  Sites have been already set up in Hamilton, Saskatoon, Regina and Ottawa.

Now, let’s plan Guelph’s streets. Guelph has already seen a partly pedestrianized downtown during Covid19, as well as  some space given to cyclists and pedestrians around Eramosa Road and Speevale Avenue bridges.

We hope to have more engagement with the public on where you would like to see changes, in order to get a broader view of where active transportation infrastructure should be addressed in Guelph.

Let’s keep the conversation going and collect ideas to promote better streets! The site is very user friendly so it’s easy to add your input.

Here’s the link https://streetspace.planlocal.ca/guelph/

This map has been created by Paul Shaker at Civicplan.ca <paul@civicplan.ca>

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact info@gcat.ca 

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