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Help inform Guelph cyclists about local trouble spots

Here is what the BikeMaps.org website says:

At BikeMaps we love biking as much as we love maps! Our goal is to map your cycling experience to make biking safer. You know your local cycling trouble spots and we want you to map them. Your knowledge of cycling safety, hazards, and even bike thefts will be analyzed using GIS and statistics to identify hot spots of cycling safety, risk, and crime. We are constantly updating our maps and technology, so send us feedback. And stay tuned for updated safety maps generated from YOUR biking experience.”

Turns out, the city of Guelph also likes this website.  Transportation Demand Manager Justin Hall, states that information that can be obtained on this website can help the city identify trouble spots for cyclists and hopefully have an opportunity to mitigate some of the dangers.  It is a way for the public to inform the city of cycling infrastructure hazards that might otherwise go unnoticed.

So, if, heaven forbid you do have a cycling accident or a bike theft, please do not hesitate to add it to the map.  You might help the city make cycling a little safer.

Here’s the link:https://bikemaps.org/

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