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Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation has been busy this summer improving the experience for Active Transportation users in Guelph. Thanks to our local media outlets for covering these stories.

One of our most important GCAT advocacy issues is  Speedvale Ave, including the Speedvale bridge underpass. GCAT  also delegated many times for bike lanes on Speedvale Ave, but due to issues with a narrow stretch of the street the City offered the Emma to Earl street bridge as an alternative.Unfortunately the project has been delayed but we hope to see it constructed soon  as it will be an important link in our Active Transportation Network.

“What the official plan amendment and the Emma to Earl bridge alternative really achieves is opening even more opportunity to increase active transportation modal share than bike lanes on Speedvale ever would have achieved,” said Mike Darmon of Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation, “while saving the city millions of dollars in expropriation costs and have less social impact to residents of Speedvale Avenue.”

Opponents speak out against pedestrian bridge, proposed Eastview Road development

In May we sent our comments to the City on the Transportation Master Plan update.
Guelph Today covered the story.
” Mike Darmon, president of Guelph Coalition for Active Transport, called for council to adopt a “more ambitious” set of active transportation goals in the city, with walking and cycling declared essential transportation modes”

We also hoped the City would support alternative sustainable modes of transportation like e- cargo bikes.
“Darmon was joined by Leah Nielsen of Unicorn Scoops, a solar-powered ice cream sales freezer bicycle business, in encouraging council to join the provincial cargo e-bike pilot project which seeks to find ways to allow for electric bicycles with cargo capacity”

Here is the full story.

GCAT has advocated repeatedly for lower speed limits on residential streets in the City of Guelph. We have a partial victory here in Council’s decision. We advocated for 30 km/h the safest speed limits in our neighbourhoods ( not arterial roads )which the science and data – including the WHO , says protects our most vulnerable street users – pedestrians and bikers.

Here is the CTV story and video on future speed limit reductions for the City of Guelph. .

GCAT provided free used bikes for Newcomers to Guelph, to help connect them with the Guelph community

Here is the Guelph today article on GCAT’s initiative

GCAT advocates for the Speedvale underpass, sooner rather than later.We asked Council to consider an alternative to the far in the future current proposal .We also sent our comments to the City on the Guelph Trails Master Plan  (GTMP) including our top priorities.

Council looks for solutions for Hanlon, Speedvale underpass, 

GCAT praises city on the new Norwich Pedestrian Bridge, while offering a new suggestion on a crosswalk to make the Trans Canada Trail more accessible

Norwich Bridge open for use – Guelph Today

  Thanks everyone for supporting our important advocacy for  implementing  more and enjoyable protected bike lanes and trails in our City .
Mike Darmon

GCAT works tirelessly to make active transportation better for all citizens. You can support our work for only $10 by.becoming a GCAT member today!

For more info contact info@gcat.ca

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