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Unanimous support for safer streets for Active Transportation during COVID 19!


A victory for active transportation supporters! (and for everyone else who wants safe, vibrant cities)

On Monday May 16, Guelph City Council unanimously adopted two safer streets motions,  Behind the scenes, GCAT was hard at work helping to move these initiatives forward

Before the council meeting, we wrote to Wellington-Dufferin Guelph Public Health to get clarity on its position on physical distancing, and how distancing relates to public spaces.

Public Health wrote back. Its letter (at the bottom of this GCAT blog post) supported our request. This letter moved the needle for many councillors, and we are grateful for the support.


Many of you also contacted your councillors to encourage them to support the motion. Nothing happens without community involvement, so to everyone who acted – thank you!

Thanks, too, to Mayor Cam Guthrie who after the vote produced this excellent video to give people a “heads up” of the upcoming changes!

If you are happy about this, please pass on your thanks…to the mayor and your councillors. Supportive emails or social media posts of encouragement are appreciated and go a long way!

Next Up!

Learn more about the ever growing Quiet Street movement, a low-cost initiative in which barriers are used to slow cars and give notice that pedestrians and cyclists have priority.  Here’s what is happening in Toronto.

Please write us at info@gcat.ca with your thoughts on what you would like to see happen in the city of Guelph. What should happen to our public spaces that would encourage people to get physical activity and to support people to get out of their cars? We are compiling a list over the next few weeks, and we want to know what you think.

And remember, we are loudest when we speak collectively! Consider becoming a GCAT member today (only $10!) and help make Guelph a great life-sized city that works for everyone!

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