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Have you tried the new Bike Box and green bike lanes on Gordon Street?

The City of Guelph wants you to let them know what you think of the green bike lanes on Gordon Street through the intersection at Waterloo Avenue and the bike box at the intersection of Gordon and Waterloo. Due to a high level of collisions,  this area was chosen for improvements to cycling facilities.

These changes make bicycle lanes and people using them more visible, signaling all road users to use extra caution at intersections and driveways, and reminding turning vehicles to slow down and watch for other road users, including people who are walking and biking.

Take the short survey and let them know. There is also is an opportunity to say what further improvements you would like to see. You may want to contribute your thoughts about adding protected infrastructure, such as planters or bollards to protect the cyclists in the bike lane. You can even provide links to your favourite designs!

I hope you show your support for the green lanes and bike box. The bike box says “We’re here and we matter”, and so do the green lanes.

We are moving in the right direction. Let the city know by filling out the survey and nudging them to eventually going even further with better facilities.

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