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Rain could not deter our cycling tour of Riverside Gardens….and a pint!!

On June 5, GCAT and 2Rivers Festival hosted a Cycling tour of Riverside Gardens…and a Pint.

IMG_20160605_141048 We knew rain might be a problem, but we sure weren’t expecting the deluge of rain 15 minutes before the event started! The decision to proceed was made by Stan Kozak,

IMG_20160605_150957We  toured along the Royal River Trail, down Neeve Street, and up Arthur Street.  Here we enjoyed Stan and Leanne’s beautiful backyard river garden, complete with a gorgeous pond and a large variety of beautiful pollinating flowers. The participants were enjoying it so much that we eventually had to encourage them to keep moving as there were other gardens to see.

IMG_20160605_155903Our last stop was a very large vegetable garden that is visible along the Trans Canada Trail beside the Speed River. This labour of love by the Swantek family is arguably the biggest urban garden in Guelph. The family has worked tirelessly to get the land ready and now produces a mountain of seasonal vegetables every year.

During the whole event, there were many opportunities for casual conversation. It became obvious with each kilometre ridden that all participants had a passion for cycling, urban farming and meeting new people.

Our last stop was the Woolwich Arms, or the Wooly. Here, we hoisted a pint and some kombucha and talked about the great day. Thanks Stan for not cancelling the event because of rain.. We would have missed out on all that fun!

Now, what should we do for an encore?



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