GCAT - Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation

Participants needed to represent GCAT in Santa Claus parade

Since GCAT  represents people who walk and cycle, we would like to get a group of people on their bicycles for the Santa Claus parade.

Our theme is that you can do anything on a bike.  Therefore our costumes would be wedding dresses, suits and tuxes , dressy dresses, etc. to show that you can go about normal business while riding a bike.  Some people think that you have to have “special bike gear” to ride a bike but we are working to convey the information that cycling is “normal” and you can do anything on it, even ride a bike on the way to get married….

Parade rules are that you must be over 9 years old, and that you must wear thematic costumes. 

Who’s in?  It should be lots of fun!  For more info, contact activeguelph@gmail.com.  A waiver may be required to participate.

See below for more details from the Guelph’s Santa organizing committee:

  1. 25% off selected costumes at Party Corner (200 Victoria Road South) for parade entrants.
  2. 30% off candy canes at The Flour Barrel (115 Wyndham St N) for parade entrants.
  3. Creative advice at any time from parade organisers and committee members.
  4. An arts studio complete with sewing machines to create your own costumes.
  5. A Parade Improvement Fund whereby we help you with the costs of the materials bought for your entry.
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