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Notice of virtual open house: Speedvale Avenue improvements Mar 22-Apr 4

The City of Guelph is hosting a virtual open house to present plans for the Speedvale Avenue Phase 1 road and bridge reconstruction project. Work will take place on Speedvale Avenue (Phase 1) between Glenwood Avenue to Marlborough Road. Here is your opportunity to comment on the project.

Comment period endsĀ April 4

Here are some suggestions that GCAT would like to share, in case you would like to use them as well: Longer version can be found here.

Some great initiatives:

  • lots of consideration for pedestrians and cyclists
  • protected Dutch style intersection at Woolwich and Speedvale proposed
  • multi use paths on both sides of the street from the Woolwich to Riverview Dr
  • multi use path extends to Gimmel lane along the railroad tracks

Some requests

  • could the multi-use path along the tracks extend to Marilyn Dr? This would enable people to use the Trans Canada Trail through the cemetery
  • the proposed bridge seems to narrow where it meets with the multi-use path. We are concerned that this narrowing will cause problems between cyclists and pedestrians
  • Will cyclists be required to dismount on the bridge? We hope not.
  • Can a snow area be provided so that snow does not simply get pushed on to the Speedvale bridge multiuse path? This issue is a severe deterrent to using the bridge in the winter.
  • is it posslible to extend the multi-use path northward in a wide radius around the corner of Riverview Dr. and continue to the fire station parking lot? It would be safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • In the absence of the Speedvale Underpass trail for the time being, could a loop from the underpass on the north side of the bridge that connects back on to the multiuse path and bridge sidewalk be examined before and during the bridge replacement?

Thank you for your support and participation! For more info contact mike_darmon@gcat.ca

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