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“Magnificent Magnolia Ride” was a great success!

(Thank you Carl Griffin for the photos.)

The Spring “Magnificent Magnolia Ride” on May 9, was a great success! Participants enjoyed a leisurely bicycle ride through Guelph’s quiet streets, delighting in the Magnolia trees in full bloom along the way. Ned Coates was our resident expert on Magnolia trees, sharing engaging stories about various Magnolia trees as well as their owners.
To contribute to the relaxing feel of the day, participants savoured some thirst quenching lemonade under the Magnolia trees. We finished off our adventure at the Boathouse for ice cream, and handed out prizes to the Best Dressed, Most Outlandish Dress, and Best Bonnet. Those of us not ready to end the delightful day rode on to enjoy the Magnolia trees and a beer at Einstein’s Cafe.


Thank you to the Guelph Hiking Club for hosting the event, and to Moon Law Office, Speed River Cycle and Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation for providing the prizes. Happy Spring riding to you all!


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