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Why protected bike lanes on Wyndham?

How can Wyndham street be made more comfortable for people riding bikes?

We can physically separate people on bikes from motorized traffic. These protected bike lanes can be achieved with bollards, planters, bumps, raised curbs, or even motorized cars!

What are the benefits?

Protected bike lanes not only provide more safety to bicycle users, but they also make everyone else on the road safer as well.

Protected bike lanes encourage the average citizen to cycle!

Because they’re so comfortable and stress-free, many more people choose to ride in protected facilities – on average, the number of people on bikes increases by 75% in the first year after protected bike lanes are installed.

Protected bike lanes can be good for businessa person who travels to shop by bike spends just as much or more than someone arriving by car, but they require far less parking space.

In addition, protected lanes make streets feel more walkable, and bikes pass by slowly enough to see what’s in the shops. Downtown areas thrive on being inviting places to stroll and browse.

Why Wyndham Street?

Right now there’s a once in a generation opportunity to make Downtown Guelph accessible by bike.

Wyndham Street North needs to be rebuilt due to aging infrastructure, and detailed design will start soon.  Wyndham Street is also the ideal place for protected bike lanes – it runs through the heart of the city and connects downtown destinations.  It should accommodate everyone: pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and motorists.

Current levels of parking could still be maintained, even with protected bike lanes. Delivery space would also be of utmost importance, using models that are currently practiced on MacDonell Street.

Why a pilot project now?

A pilot project is a great way to test out new ideas, without investing a ton of money. Since the street is going to be ripped apart anyway, a pilot project before reconstruction is a good way to experiment! The experimentation process will also inform of difficulties that will arise when Wyndham goes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes….such as how to handle business deliveries, garbage pickup, and transit.

Other examples around Ontario and the rest of Canada:

Peterborough Main Street

Protected bike lanes in Ottawa

Uptown Waterloo, near completion

And of course, the now permanent protected bike lanes on Bloor Street in Toronto!

And don’t forget Calgary Alberta!- 7km, $5m
Cycling doubled in 3 months

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