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Have Your Say: Removal of Woodlawn Multi-Use Path from the Proposed 2015 budget

Bus stop near the bowling alley.  No sidewalk to get you to where you need to go!

Last Thursday, Feb. 25, city staff unveiled the proposed budget for 2015.  As you are probably aware, the Active Transportation line item was eliminated.  The $300,000 that was earmarked for a Woodlawn Road multi-use path was cancelled by staff.  It is possible that sidewalks/cycle tracks will never be built on Woodlawn.

Another typical bus stop along Woodlawn.  Lack of any pedestrian access.

Well, that evening, city staff and councillors heard an earful of opposition to this item.  13 out of the 20 delegates spoke on behalf of the multi-use path, from liability concerns,  to personal stories of difficulty,  to health, transit and economic benefits, and even tourism benefits.

All of the councillors heard us loud and clear, and  a few of them verbalized their support afterwards  for our cause.

As a result,  a couple of councillors declared their intent to put forth a motion to not only reinstate the $300,000, but also to get an additional $300,000 in order to get the project underway this year. 

The motion will be presented at the council meeting on March 25.

You can help the probability of success of this motion by contacting your ward councillor and asking them to vote in favor of the motion for $600,000 in capital for completion of phase one of the Woodlawn MUP.  A letter to the editor of the Guelph Tribune or Mercury wouldn’t hurt either.

Wouldn’t you love to get off at this bus stop on Woodlawn?  Not!!

Thank you for considering showing your support for better cycling/walking infrastructure in Guelph.

For more information, please contact activeguelph@gmail.com

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