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GCAT Year In Review 2020

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2020 proved to be the strangest year in the history of our organization! With COVID-19 running rampant, it’s been definitely unfortunate, but there were some bright spots for GCAT.  We weren’t able to offer the group rides that we usually do, but COVID-19 did get more people to walk and bike, which is our ultimate goal. Here are some highlights of the work that we have done this year.

Please support our membership drive for 2021 so that we can continue to work hard for Guelph citizens to make Guelph a leading city for Active Transportation! Members are also invited to join our virtual Annual General Meeting on Feb. 18 to learn more about what will be happening in 2021!

Key Events

Pictured above is Jason Thorne at our fourth Annual General Meeting last February 2020. What a success! Over 200 people attended, including several councillors and Mayor Guthrie, who spoke of his support of Active Transportation.

GCAT was awarded its first Guelph Community Grant in 2020! We used the money to pay for administrative support, website design, and 100 Project 529 stickers that we can offer free with GCAT membership. Thank you City of Guelph for your support!


Funding was approved to continue for the Emma to Earl Pedestrian Bridge While there are still some “roadblocks”, we remain confident of it being built in.

Know Your Rights Workshop with Bike Lawyer David Shellnut. Dave gave many tips on what to do if you get into a bike accident, that may make it easier for you to be better protected legally.

GCAT demonstrated full support of the pedestrianized downtown Dining District this summer. We advocated for both its existence and its continuation into the fall. The downtown Dining district was heavily frequented by the public, showing just how much people enjoy walking in commercial areas made free of cars!

GCAT advocated to council for COVID lanes to give some space for bikes and walkers where they were squeezed together. We recommended the Speedvale Ave Bridge area and Eramosa Bridge.

The Speedvale Ave lane was a huge success, showing that there is demand for protected infrastructure in this area. Our request was endorsed by WDG Public Health.

GCAT advocated for reduced speed limits in Guelph, as part of Guelph’s Community Safety plan.

Guelph is receiving 8 million dollars for transit and protected bike lanes. We believe that GCAT’s 8 years of advocating for better infrastructure has caught the attention of our elected leaders and has helped achieve this funding.

GCAT successfully advocated for bike lanes at the intersection of Arthur, Elizabeth and MacDonnell streets, where the new road construction was not planned to include them.

GCAT actively participated in the development of the Guelph Trail Master Plan advocating for better connections in the downtown area, connection to the Guelph to Goderich trail, and other trails within Guelph including the Speedvale underpass, the Hanlon Underpass, and the Royal River trail that crosses Victoria Road. We will continue to advocate for more complete streets for people who bike, walk and take transit!

During 2020, GCAT has continued “behind the scenes” advocacy for Speedvale Underpass by being actively involved in public participation of the Zoning Bylaw Amendments.

GCAT attended the 12th annual virtual Ontario Bike Summit in December 2020 presented by Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

Fun Events to encourage a culture of cycling in Guelph

Due to Public Health concerns, these events were greatly reduced this year, but we managed a few!

Love Your Bike Festival, Covid Style!
You rode your bike to the Wooly Pub, got a free snack, and heard inspirational bike stories. Thank you to St. Andrews‘ and Two Rivers Churches for hosting this wonderful community event, and being great partners!

Magnolia Ride
This year the ride looked very different. We partnered with Michael House to help them fundraise, using socially distanced individual bike rides and walks to enjoy the magnolia trees.

Tour de Guelph was quite different this year. Instead of a group ride, riders went on individual rides. GCAT promoted the event, and it was one of the most successful fundraisers for the Trillium Rotary Club for Guelph General Hospital foundation.

Please join us in 2021
on our journey to get more people to enjoy healthy transportation!  For a minimum of $10, your membership in GCAT will allow us to give a voice to more and more people who want to be healthy, fit, and contribute to the well being of the city.

Download a copy of this report

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