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GCAT Board of Directors: call for Nominees for 2021

GCAT Board of Directors: call for Nominees for 2021

There will be some positions open for board members at our Feb. 18, 2021 AGM

If interested, it would be helpful if you let us know by Feb. 7 at info@gcat.ca , detailing your interest and skills.

Term: Up to 3 years.

Commitment: 6-10 hours a month

The Role of the Board of Directors

The official Board of Directors Job Description is available here.

The GCAT Board is a working board responsible for stewardship and management of the business affairs of GCAT, by providing appropriate governance to ensure the organization’s strategic objectives are met, its assets are protected, and to promote long-term growth and sustainability.  The Board practises a unique brand of advocacy characterized by maintaining positive working relationships with its government, business and other organizational partners.

Directors are elected by the GCAT members at the AGM for terms of up to three years. Directors may be re-elected. Board positions are unpaid.

Time Commitment & Duties

Typically 6-10 hours per month.  Each director is expected to prepare for and attend each board meeting and also the annual GCAT AGM.  Board members are encouraged to be a part of one or more committees.  Outside of regular meetings, Board members are expected to support GCAT activities and events and/or actively engage in various advocacy activities.

What we require:

Each board member must have a commitment to the mission of GCAT, a willingness to meet the time requirement, integrity and strategic vision, and an ability to work constructively as a member of a team, making decisions for the good of GCAT.

Desired qualifications:

The board as a whole should include broad expertise in 

  • financial management and income generation, 
  • policy, 
  • digital strategy and communications, 
  • volunteer management, 
  • land use planning and GIS, 
  •  event planning 
  • (complete list found here. )

Benefits of serving on the board of Directors:

  • Being a positive force for increasing modal share for cycling and walking in Guelph
  • Creating a positive culture around active transportation in Guelph
  • Being part of a worldwide change in culture around more sustainable modes of transportation including AT integrated with transit.  
  • Contribute to big picture planning and strategic development

If interested, please contact info@gcat.ca by Feb. 7 detailing your interest and skills in becoming a board member.

Thank you!

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