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GCAT at Guelph Community Santa Claus Parade…What a blast!

On Sunday, November 16, GCAT participated in the Guelph Community Santa Claus Parade. We knew that the parade was very popular with families, and we wanted to broaden our exposure to the community.  Since GCAT’s mission is to get more people interested in biking, walking and rollerblading, what could be better than participating in this fun community event?  Our theme was, “You can do anything on a bike”, and it’s true!

Initially, we were worried the cold weather would deter some participants from attending.  But attend they did!  We had costumes galore.  We had a bride, a chef, a French citizen, a woman transporting a dog, a skier, a dapper gentleman and lady, a cross country skier, a reservist,  a rollerblader,  and even a woman who looked like she just rolled out of bed!  And of course, no one will forget Mr. Canoehead!
The children along the parade route loved it!  Parents were reading out the signs posted on the bikes, such as, “Bike with your bride”, etc.  On a bike, it was easy to interact with the crowd, as there was ample opportunity to get close to the audience. We don’t know who smiled more, the children or the GCAT participants.
In the end, we won a parade award, called  “Best Walking Entry Award.”  We were thrilled because we weren’t expecting to win.  We hope you can join us for next year’s parade!
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