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Funding announced for 13km of dedicated bike lanes in Guelph

How nice it will be when Guelph has more separated, protected bike lanes. They will be better than painted lines, as shown in this picture

Great news!

Guelph will finally be getting some separated and protected bike lanes, and along some key active transportation routes.

The federal, provincial and municipal government made an announcement to fund 12.7 km of dedicated bike lanes.

Proposed improvements being considered include protected bike lanes along:

  • College Avenue from Janefield Avenue to Victoria Road
  • Eramosa Road from Woolwich Street to Victoria Road
  • Gordon Street from Wellington Street to Clair Road

The project also includes intersection improvements for people on bikes.

The bicycle improvements are also meant to help with connections to the city’s main transit loop.

The costs will be shared, however the city is providing $8.8 million, while the province will chip in $1.53 million, and the Federal government will add $1.866 million.

The city says they will be using both development charges and city tax funding from last year to cover their share of the bike lanes.

The project will be rolled out over 7 years, says Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Kealy Dedman.

The situation isn’t ideal. Some would prefer these bike lanes in different locations. Some want even more protected bike lanes across the city. Some wonder why the cost of installing bike lanes is so high.

One thing we can all agree on is that a separated bicycle network is key to increasing the amount of people who use bicycles for transportation.

So, for now, let’s bask in the knowledge that Guelph is definitely moving in the right direction toward a more comprehensive, separated bicycle network.

Go Guelph!!!

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