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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Guelph rail crossing study – Have Your Say!

November 20, 2021

The Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) is a not for profit organization that seeks to increase the quantity, quality and safety of active transportation in Guelph. For eight years we have acted as the collective advocacy voice for our hundreds of members and social media followers.

Dublin St. railway road closure.

Following the closure of the Dublin St. rail crossing, GCAT is concerned that additional full road closures at other GO/Metrolinx railway crossings will negatively impact Active Transportation options like walking and biking. The closure at  Dublin St. has already negatively affected Active Transportation in this area. Walking or biking to schools, businesses, the Farmers’ Market and the downtown is now double the distance in some cases.

The City of Guelph has recently undertaken a rail crossing study to look at five rail crossings in Guelph and potentially propose changes in light of increased GOTrain traffic through the city, including potential ROAD crossing closures.  Complete road closures at these locations may impact you or your children’s ability to walk, ride, or roll to work, school, shop, or play.

The study is looking at areas around the following Metrolinx rail crossings:

  1. Alma St. (serves multiple schools & childcare, the Food Bank, and other businesses)
  2. Edinburgh Rd. (an important arterial road for vehicles and AT users alike)
  3. Yorkshire St. (Signed Residential Route connecting Wellington St. to Woodlawn Rd.)
  4. Glasgow St.
  5. Watson Rd.

According to Mike Darmon, President of GCAT, “We fully support improved all day Metrolinx GO service and believe we can have a balanced and fair outcome for all means of transportation. However, the outcome must include options that include safe Active Transportation infrastructure at these crossings which does not further divide our neighbourhoods. Efficient arterial roads for vehicular traffic is also vitally important for the safety and enjoyment of our neighbourhoods due to the anticipated increased traffic through neighbourhoods adjacent to any road closures.”

The transportation study will also be looking at a potential Active Transportation crossing at Cityview Drive. GCAT is very excited about the possibility to reconnect areas of our city disconnected by Metrolinx barrier fencing.

GCAT encourages the City of Guelph to consider an Active Transportation underpass at Margaret Green park, connecting to the trail south of the tracks, which can then connect users to the Stephanie Dr. area. This would provide a safe Active Transportation network connectivity between the West Willow Woods and Parkwood Gardens neighbourhoods. 

GCAT fully supports this important City of Guelph study and the results will influence Metrolinx decisions. We know you really care about what makes our City such an amazing place to live, work and play. We urge you to send your comments and complete the survey .

You can also send your comments to us at info@gcat.ca. Submissions to the rail crossing study are Due Nov. 30th.

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