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Cycling Network Study Open House

Have you ever wished that our City of Guelph had biking infrastructure similar to other great biking cities like Montreal or Amsterdam? This is our opportunity to finally get a separated and protected biking infrastructure network where we can bike safely and enjoyably to our destination. This AAA network will make our streets more equitable, accessible, enjoyable, and safer for ALL users – including drivers, as we all have our designated space on the streets. Cycle tracks, MultiUse Paths, or on-street bike lanes will be physically separated from vehicles by a curb or physical barrier. Once this network is built-out, we will be closer to making our neighborhoods into the 15-minute Neighborhoods where one can walk or bike enjoyably to most destinations within 15 minutes. 

Join the City this Wednesday, July 27 for an Open House at City Hall to share your your perspective on their conceptual designs for 3 corridors of “AAA” (all ages and abilities) protected cycling facilities at:

City of Guelph’s Cycling Network Study map graphic.
  • Eramosa Road between Woolwich Street to Victoria Road (Study Area A)
  • Gordon Street between Waterloo Avenue to Clair Road (Study Area B)
  • College Avenue between Janefield Avenue to Dundas Lane (Study Area C)

Doors open at 4 pm and a Question & Answer starts at 6:30 pm.
For more information and details about the study visit the City of Guelph’s Have Your Say – Cycling Network Study page.  

With your support we can make this happen!

See us at the OPEN HOUSE and say Hi. 

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