GCAT - Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation

Bikes and DIY Sustainability, U of G, Mar. 23

When: March 23, 2018 , 11:30-12;30

Where: University Centre, University of Guelph,  room 335

Can the bike save your city and you?

We’ll discuss how biking makes a city more liveable, and you happier. We’ll inspire you to see how biking is such an important mode of transportation in making a city, and your life more resilient. We’ll also provide you the support to get you started and to keep you going.

Yvette Tendick is president of Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation, a local advocacy group whose mission is to increase the amount of people who are comfortable and safe walking and riding bikes around the city.

Mikayla Fedele is a bike enthusiast with long distance touring experience. She is a volunteer at the CSA bike centre; a do-it-yourself bike co-op located on the U of G campus.

Get inspired to ride your bike this Spring!

This event will have no cost & will provide a selection of treats & beverages!



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