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Active Transportation removed from draft 2015 budget

Do you remember how pleased we were a short while ago when $300,000 was added to the City of Guelph 2014 budget for Active Transportation? It was supposed to be $300,000 a year for 10 years.  Well, it has been removed from the 2015 draft budget.

The Active Transportation fund was to be used for a long awaited  multi-use path beside Woodlawn Road.  $300,000 was already put aside for it in 2014.  The design process for this multi-use path has been well underway and it is still being delayed.  Back in 2012,  the late Richard Henry, Chief Engineer,  said how dangerous Woodlawn Road was to pedestrians in its current state, and that it was a public safety issue. Failure to rectify safety issues when identified exposes the city to lawsuits in the event of injuries .

City staff now say that the Active Transportation funding is out of the 2015 draft budget. While they say that it is “in the forecast for 2016-2017” there is no real assurance  that the $300,000 wouldn’t be delayed the following years as well.

Many communities already recognize the importance and value of supporting non-auto modes: the Region of Waterloo has ‚Äúsustainable transportation‚ÄĚ as one of their five corporate strategic objectives, but an integrated transportation system is currently not one of Guelph Council’s objectives.

Below you will find information on the upcoming public meeting on the capital budget on February 25th at 6pm. This is an important council session not to miss. 

Council needs to know that Active Transportation is very important and among the top priorities for Guelph. Not only does it affect the general health of our population, it also improves accessibility throughout our community for those without access to vehicles, improving access to our parks and open spaces, jobs, and schools.

We have many delegates that will be speaking on behalf of this issue. Please consider come out and show your support. We need you!

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