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Active Transportation Parade was a huge success!

Wike Cargo Bike–looks great!

Active Transportation Parade was a huge success!

This past Wednesday, July 16,  Guelph Coalition for  Active Transportation  held its first Active Transportation  Parade.   GCAT’s mission is to increase the quantity, quality and safety of Active Transportation in Guelph.  We also want to show everyone just how fun sustainable transportation can be!

The parade was to start at 5:30.  However, 5:30 came and went, and at first, no one was there, except Mayor Farbridge, Councillor June Hoffland, myself, and a couple other guests.  I was worried at first that our first Active Transportation parade was going to be a flop.  

Mayor Farbridge came out to enjoy the fun.
A lucky winner of best costume!

Soon after, everything changed.  Families with small children, young adults, men and women started coming in droves.  Everyone wanted to participate in this fun event.  More than 50 people came to enjoy the fun.

Councillor June Hofland won best hat award!

It helped that the event was advertised throughout The Junction Neighbourhood and 47 Meadowview Community Potluck .  47 Meadowview has been doing weekly Wednesday Potlucks for the second summer in a row.  Part of the street is blocked to traffic so that families can mill about freely on the street for four glorious hours between 4 and 8 pm.  

Another costume winner!

Well, these families who participate in the potlucks as well as  others from the neighbourhood were in the mood for a fun event.  Many came dressed in costume, and unexpectedly, we had sustainable bicycle-that-looks-like-a-car from SustainableJoes.com appear.  

Andrew Alford, from Bike-It Guelph, who has a bike delivery service in Guelph, offered to carry a passenger in his carrier.  Cargo bikes from Wike along with Councillor Bob Bell joined in the fun.  

Bryan McPherson provided the music, and everyone weaved in and out of the streets of the Junction neighbourhood.  Some of the neighbours came out and waved.  Cars that drove by heeded the very large crowd of over 50 participants.

When it was all finished, we enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner provided by the attendees.

Can’t wait to do this again next year!

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