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Act NOW to save the downtown dining district (and optional bike photo op!)

Special council meeting on Monday Sept 21 to stop the immediate closure of the car free downtown dining district!
Please act now!

Did you know that the downtown dining district is scheduled to close on September 21st?? Even though the district is still very popular!!

Show your support for the extension of the Downtown Dining District before the special council meeting this Monday Sept. 21. Please correspond, delegate, etc. It does make a  big difference! Deadline for submission to clerks@guelph.ca is Monday at 10 am. And contact your local councillor as well!

Furthermore,  show your support for the dining district this weekend by biking there and dining at your favourite establishment! 

We hope that you visit numerous times on the weekend. However, on Sunday at 2pm, we are hoping to get a photo op of bikes lining the dining district on Wyndham and beyond! So come along with your friends and family at this time to show your support!

Please respect all physical distancing and guidelines from public health.

For more info contact info@gcat.ca

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