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Volunteers needed to conduct cycling surveys in Guelph

Help make Guelph a better place for cyclists!

Volunteers are needed to help with a cycling research collaboration between the Traffic Research Industry Foundation, BikeMaps.org, the City of Guelph and Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation.

From April 22-May 5, surveys will be conducted at 5 locations around Guelph. The team is looking for volunteers to administer a brief survey to people riding bicycles through the 5 locations around Guelph.

Volunteers are required to attend a brief half hour training session at City Hall the week of April 10 to facilitate proper administration of the surveys.

If you would like to help gather data, please RSVP by    April 6 to Jennifer.Juste@guelph.ca. The training date will be set via doodle poll for all interested volunteers.

For more information on this survey, contact Jennifer.juste@guelph.ca


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