It’s Not Just Us!

Meet Some Community Leaders and their Thoughts on Active Transportation

Phil Allt – Councillor, Ward 3 Guelph

“Cycling is part of a comprehensive transit strategy. We all walk, some of us drive, some of us take buses many of us rely upon mobility assisting devices too. 

We need to significantly improve our cycling infrastructure for everyone. We need dedicated bike lanes that are distinct and separated from the road to encourage more people to cycle and feel safe while cycling, using their mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs, skateboards and in-line skates as well. To do this also benefits drivers who will feel safer knowing they do not pose a potential danger to cyclists and others.

Getting people out of cars is a net economic social and health benefit -it also lengthens the life or roadways. As I am a car driver, a transit user, a cyclist and a walker I encourage all to use their bikes as part of a wholesome approach to getting around Guelph.”

June Hofland – Councillor, Ward 3 Guelph

“My preferred way to travel is by bike or walking.  I am fortunate as a commuter I have always been able to walk or cycle to my place of work and most of my in town destinations.


I was in my early 40s before I passed my drivers exam so biking and walking were my only options for many years.  When I walked into the Young Drivers course the sixteen year olds thought I was the teacher.


I don’t need to tell readers on this site all the benefits of walking and cycling.  Walking and cycling positively contribute to the health of individuals but also the health of the community. 


In my role as a city councilor I believe a well connected accessible transportation system is essential to building a healthy community.


If there is space I would like to acknowledge the good work and commitment of GCAT.  This group of dedicated citizens is making active transportation a priority in our city and for this I am grateful.”

– June

Benita van Miltenburg, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, Transportation Services Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise, City of Guelph

Cycling is efficient, emission-free, healthy and affordable. The time has come to embrace this socially connected yet autonomous form of transportation, and to build infrastructure that enables citizens of all ages and abilities to incorporate the bicycle into their daily lives.”