Join GCAT in this year’s Guelph Community Santa parade, Nov. 18!

Join us at Guelph’s Community Santa Claus Parade on Sun. Nov. 18!

This year’s theme: You can do anything on a bike!

We would love to have you join us!

Costumes are a must.

In past years, we’ve had a wedding dress, someone dressed as a banana, a chef with a large chef hat, and of course, Mr. Canoe Head! We had a 4 wheeled bike, a cargo bike, and lots of sporty kids on bikes!

This year, we are hoping to have a wider assortment of bikes: cargo bikes, vintage bikes, stroller bikes, and canoe trailers. Of course, regular bikes are welcome.

Use your imagination to show that you that cycling make the city a better place. Cycling isn’t just for those who are super athletic, it is for everyone!

Parade rules are that you must be over 9 years old, and that you must wear thematic costumes.

A waiver is required to participate.

Parade starts at 1:30 pm. We will gather at our spot along the parade route between    1-1:15 pm.

Who’s in? It will be lots of fun! Please RSVP at

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